Sulphur Provider Company.

Dedicated to producing the highest quality sulfur products, manufactured to customer specifications.

About Us.

Brimstone core business is sulphur and related products and dedicated to produce high quality powder sulphur for customers.

Brimstone manufacturing plant, located in İzmir, Turkey was conceived and built to manufacture milled sulfur for the rubber and agriculture industries.

High Quality.

We have 325 Mesh/45 Micron Sulphur powder for many industries.

Huge Capacity.

Production capacity of this facility is 14.000 TONS monthly and 170.000 TONS annualy.

Our Products.

  • Symbol: S
  • Electron configuration: Ne 3s2 3p4
  • Melting point: 115.2 °C
  • Atomic number: 16
  • Boiling point: 444.7 °C
  • Electronegativity: 2.58
  • Atomic mass: 32.065 ± 0.005 u



Soils of high pH in particular calcareous soils with a high Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) content, result in a poor availability of nutrients to the plant.

  • Dusting Sulphur

  • Sulphur Bentonite

  • Soil Amandment Sulphur



Sulphur has been used in the rubber making industry since it was lump variety. Vulcanizing properties were discovered in the mid 1800’s.This gave the compound hardness, allowing it to be molded yet retaining the elasticity. Pencil erasers, rubber bumpers on, automobiles, tires, and latex gloves all use some type of the product, but in different quantities and heat variations.

  • Rubber Maker Sulphur

  • Rubber Maker Sulphur %1 Oil



Brimstone is a key player in sulphur trading for refineries and other end users.

Brimstone deals in solid sulphur in big bags and loose sulphur for transport by truck and ship. It also deals in bulk liquid sulphur for transport by tanker, either for delivery to refineries or directly to the end user.

  • Sulphur Pastilles

  • Sulphur Flakes



Brimstone is NPK fertilizer producer company.

Dedicated to produce special formulations for clients.

For Ukraine market cooperate with LLC Agro-Industrial Company BESTA.

  • NPK 5-25

  • NPK 10-25

  • NPK 14-14-14



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Çoraklar Mah. 5001 Sokak No:28/1 iç Kapı No:1 Alosbi-Aliağa/İzmir